Neha leela ruch

After 10 years between an ad agency and running brand at a start up, with an MBA at Stanford squeezed in between, I decided to pause my career trajectory to create space in my life to focus on family. I had my son, Bodie, on New Years Day of 2016.  I did a bit of consulting so I could keep my hand in the game but I wanted to commit this chapter to raising my child, supporting my husband, Dan, who is currently 5 years into building his company and keeping myself somewhat together.

Despite feeling more calm and confident than ever before, I had a healthy dose of self-consciousness about leaving the validation of a title and the popular version of having it all". A lot of that feeling came from the archaic perception of the stay at home mother that I observed in our culture. 

I started Mother Untitled when Bodie turned one. It’s set up to re-brand the choice to put motherhood and balanced living first as a choice that's empowered and modern.  This space is meant to feel like a play date with smart, kind and creative women where we have fun and candid conversations about relationships, self-care, experiences and ideas that keep us feeling connected. I think this or this post probably gets at the heart of it. 

I'm so glad you're here - don't hesitate to email at anytime.  The messages I get from women in the Mother Untitled camp keep me committed and excited about what we're creating here.  xo