What I'm Fixing About Myself This Month

When Mother Untitled got underway, I asked some of my favorite women to share the reads that resonated with them as they navigated their thirties and forties at the beginnings of motherhood. One of them reminded me of Gretchen Rubin's best seller, The Happiness Project.

I read the playfully clad book, not once but twice, and the part that has stuck with me over this last year was Gretchen's month long commitment to letting go of her gold star complex.  Of the trade offs that have come with leaning into mostly-full time motherhood, one of the biggest has been letting go of the validation that comes from colleagues and family around jobs well done or promotions awarded.   

In lives prior, I've admittedly been eager for a pat on the back, but as a mother, the praise and thank yous from an infant come in a different way.  I'm continuously working on building the superpower of self-admiration.  In the meantime, I'm committing to likely much longer than a month long project of embracing the unspectacular and un-applauded moments and realizing for myself the worthiness and importance of what I get to do.  

Are you good at giving yourself a gold star?