5 Products That Keep Our Home "Grown-Up"

If you're anything like me, my physical space influences my mood hugely. As is the case for many families, our home can easily devolve from design forward to a play pen within minutes.  Being home with Bodie for much of the week means that the colorful clutter can in turn disorient me without my knowing.  I've found a handful of products that have kept my home and space feeling pulled together enough so that I can easily connect to other "grown up" projects or people when I have a moment to myself.  

1.  The anchor to our living space with Bodie is a large neutral foam tile play mat.  I like this one or this one, designed by a mother from Connecticut and launched via Kickstarter

2. Bins keep Bodie's toys in one contained space.  These are my favorite because you can mix and match patterns and they feel whimsical but grown up.

3. This wood crafted line of toys is sweet but not jarring to my aesthetic loving eyes.

4.  I'll take anything that keep meal times contained.  This mom-preneur's suction, spill proof invention has been a game changer for our kitchen.  Added bonus: It is a help for outings to restaurants.

5.  Turns out little boys are very stinky and diffusers work magic to make the house feel consistently clean.  Ever since pregnancy, I've become a fan of these essential oils and this discreet diffuser.  

Do you have products have you discovered that are game changers for your space? We'd love to hear! 

Featured image via Little Nomad