5 Mothers On Not Giving a Sh*t


I care an outrageous amount what people think.  I sincerely wish that were not the case.  But nothing has motivated me more to get over this than becoming a mother.

The single strongest connective thread I've shared with other mothers in Bodie's classes, our family and friend circles, the internet or the neighborhood, is the desire to overcome what other people think when it comes to our choices on parenting or how we balance our life.  

This is a work in progress for me but sharing a few of the tips I've collected from women, wiser and more secure than I.

Mother of 2, Boston, MA

Life is too short to compare myself to others.  Honestly, as long as I am happy with my choice and my daughter is loved I'm all smiles.

Mother of 1, New York, NY

Whenever feeling judged, I always fall back on that no one knows whats best for your family or whats going on with your life besides you.  I really trust myself to make the right choices for me knowing they may not work for someone else.  I also strive to only surround myself with supportive people - makes life easier from the jump! 

 Mother of 2 Kids, New York, NY

I just voice my opinion and nod politely when someone says I'm not giving either child the right thing to help them grow.  So long story short:  I just learned to let it roll off my back when people make comments...  

 Mother of 2 Kids, Boston, MA

I simply don't have time to worry about others opinions and their ideas of how our family should operate.  We aren't perfect and I am sure that some of the ideas others have are valid and useful, but I'd rather surround myself with people supporting us and raising my husband and I up to be the best dad and mom for our daughter.  

Mother OF 3 Kids, New York, NY

I would like to believe that I am a listener and when it comes to raising my children I am happy to learn and grow techniques to be the best I can be. Experience helps to navigate the chatter. 

What's your secret weapon to everyone's opinions? Add them in the comments! xo

Featured Image by Terry Richardson via Top Inspired