A Reminder For When I Feel My Career Went Off a Cliff

When I left my job as a Brand Director in 2015, I was confident that I would find a niche of clients, design a rhythm between work and life, and be happy.  All those things turned out to be true.

There are, however, moments when I observe the pace at which my previous working worlds are moving - my prior start-up closing rounds of enormous funding or previous teammates I managed at the agency growing into executives.  Those moments inevitably coincide with ones where I've yet to change out of pajamas and I'm knee deep in Bodie's laundry.  

Then comes the momentary self-doubt about my choice to prioritize motherhood and my ability to stay connected to the industry.  That doubt does diminish with the belief that I have the feminine and generational super power of fluidity.  As a woman, I've found we adjust and adapt in amazing ways to all sorts of roles.  I think our work communities in 2017 have an acceptance for non-linear paths that allow for pauses and part-time work.  So, after I take a moment to be self-conscious that its 10am and I've yet to get dressed, I feel incredibly lucky that I have the allowance and ability to be complicated, creative, nurturing and transformative over and over again.