The 3 Things I Do During Naptime


When I tell friends or family that I stay at home with Bodie for most of the week, I truly believe they either envision me running a Montessori infant program or that I am watching endless amounts of Law & Order SVU.  While I wish both of those things to be true, the truth is I am keeping my child fed, clean, happy and engaged with the world, in that order of priority.  

After that, if there is time left over, I try and make my home look pulled together, because that happens to be important to me personally, and in the remaining hour of the two or three that Bodie sleeps during the day, I am keeping myself whole and connected.  In any given week that means something different for me.  But pretty reliably if I don't do the 3 things below, I feel incomplete each day.  

What do you do to make that sacred time productive?

1.  Shower.  I mean the ten minute full shebang.  I use essential oils, dropping a bit of sweet orange or eucalyptus on the shower floor to wake me up.  Followed by the occasional face mask (I love this one) if I'm feeling really indulgent.  

2.  Journal.  I think its easy, when you spend all day with a child or consulting void of an office culture, to feel stuck in your own cycles of thought.  For me, the accountability that comes with putting pen to paper on my thoughts keeps me grounded in reality versus operating elsewhere.

3. E-mail, Phone or FaceTime.  I wish I was the person who wrote #3, Meditation.  Not I, though its a goal.  Quite to the contrary, using my time to myself to plug in, even if only for ten minutes, to have a chat, network or drop a line to my husband, keeps me feeling connected, in the best of ways.

Featured Image via OnlyDecoLove on Instagram