5 Easy Foods To Manage Hormones

While there is a laundry list of ideas to stay sweetly connected in your marriage, per this post last week, there's also the old fashioned art of trying to be nice.  Which I'm all about, until I make that snide comment about how many dishes I've done this week.

I don't know how much longer I'm going to get away with the hormones card but as long as its even remotely a plausible excuse, I'll claim it.  Via The New Potato, there are foods and drinks that are not kombucha and sea kelp that I actually don't mind and am happy to give a try.

As I work on a keeping myself whole, I'm giving the following a try each day.


1.  Avocado.  Apparently its not only a contender for 2014, '15 and '16 Trendiest Food of The Year but its also proven to regulate hormone imbalances. Happy to have avo on toast any day.

2. Coconut Oil.  My yoga instructor hooked me onto the oil as a way of pulling toxins out of the body by swishing it around in your mouth.  Mixed into a bit of hot water or swallowed by the spoonful, coconut oil regulates energy and insulin.

3. Carrots.  What a dream food.  Easy for a snack when you don't have time to eat and keeps estrogen and serotonin production in check.

4. Flax Seeds. Also good on the estrogen balancing front.  They're not as natural for me to include in my day to day but I'm going to try crushing and sprinkling seeds on toast and cream cheese.  

5. Quinoa.  Ditto to the above.  The nutty grain has an outer shell that contains elements that regulate our estrogen and cortisol levels.  I tend to favor the far more carb-y couscous alternative, but this is easy enough to fit in to a staple lunch time salad and added bonus that its good for Bodie as well.