A Simple Trick To Getting It Done

My husband's single biggest pet peeve with me is my ability to procrastinate on anything from making or keeping TSA Pre appointments to getting my phone fixed (that just dropped in the toilet).  There is no better an excuse for procrastination than being home with a child.  Who can argue with "I couldn't get to that because I had to feed my son"?

When it comes to TSA appointments, I'm happy to punt, much to my husband's dismay, but I would love nothing more than to be the person who maximizes my free hours and gets through projects.  So for someone like me, my friend, Emma Chastain, a mother of two boys and the author of a young adult novel set to release this March, is a total mind blower. 

I had to know how she could possibly write Confessions of a High School Disaster:  Chloe Snow’s Diary  while at home with a toddler and a newborn (yes, you read that right).  Turns out, the same trick that parents use for potty training and chores can keep an author, entrepreneur or anyone committed to progress on track. 

Emma told me she got a real pride in putting a sticker on a chart each day she wrote for at least half an hour. Her sticker chart, not so dissimilar from that of little ones, was pinned to her refrigerator for everyone to see and inquire.   If there was a day missing a shiny little badge, she would feel inevitably embarrassed to have to explain the chart and then explain that she had fallen behind.

Cut to me going down the Pinterest rabbit hole of stickers and charts.  I would love to hear - how do you keep yourself motivated? 

P.S.  I’ve already pre-ordered my copy of Chloe Snow’s Diary but you can start by reading more about it here.  Go Emma xo