Where To Work If You Don't Go To An Office

When I was pregnant and transitioning to consulting, I set up a whole office in our second bedroom to make work feel established.  Six months later, I converted it into a nursery and set up a very Instagram-friendly desk space in a little galley off our kitchen.  Six months after that, I changed our living space to accommodate Bodie’s play mat and toys. 

As with everything in motherhood, things are always shifting but I’ve found three consistent options where I can be the most productive. 

1.     My clients’ offices - My clients tend to be women who are happy to welcome me into their work spaces.  When I transitioned back to consulting, I set up shop on Mondays and Tuesdays at my client's office in a WeWork in Meatpacking.  I was working with only one client and this option made me feel the most plugged into the team culture.  This gets tricky when your hours are split on different projects. 

2.     A Corner of Our Bedroom – Outside of Mondays and Tuesdays,  I’m home with Bodie so any writing or client work has to get done during nap time or after he’s down for the day.  If I work in the kitchen or living area, I tend to get distracted by tidying so  I’ve found shutting the door in my bedroom focuses me on me. I set up this wide swivel chair in the corner so that I don’t end up getting back into the covers.  The swivel is relevant only because I put it near the window so that I can face outside instead of looking at the very tempting bed. 

3.     The Soho House – Its a members only club that comes with a solid price tag but for anyone in the entrepreneurial, creative or consulting world who likes a happy buzz around them while they’re working, its worth the dollar spend.  Having a space to get ready and go to from 9-5 on Mondays and Tuesdays helps me maximize those days.  Its an added bonus that the community tends to be pretty plugged into a similar industry so eavesdropping pays off here.  If I hadn't splurged for The Soho House membership, I really like the idea of The Wing as an alternative - a club for women to gather and work.  

If you freelance, work remotely, on your own business or creative projects, where do you get your best work done? I would love to hear from you in the comments.  Its ok to say your bed!