A Laugh Because Its Wednesday

I'm still unclear on if we have it easier or harder than the generation of parents before us but I remember the great things my mother did without Babycenter and Pinterest to give her pointers. Then there is a tiny category of things she did that might not be considered so acceptable anymore.  I was literally relieved for her sake and mine when I saw this list on Romper called 15 Things Parents Did In the 90s That No Parent Would Do Today.  

My personal favorites below. Sorry to call you out, Mama, I still think you are a saint.

1.  They let their kids eat high fructose corn syrup 

My mother bribed me to eat with Gushers and String Thing (remember those?).

2.  They let their kids ride in the front seat

To be fair, I don't know when this became inappropriate.


3.  They left their kids in the car

I have a distinct memory of playing Tetris on a Gameboy in the parking lot of Market Basket. I can't imagine life without Instacart so who am I to judge?

4.  They let 11 year olds babysit

I'm pretty sure now 11 year olds need babysitters.

5.  They let their kids stay up late to watch "adult" shows

I think my first crush was Joe from Wings.  

I would love to know my mother was not alone in these - which of the Romper list do you have fond - or not so fond - memories of?