How To Raise Good Human Beings

Photo by Erin Jang @theindigobunting

Photo by Erin Jang @theindigobunting

I didn't participate in the Women's March this weekend but as I saw the aerial footage of crowds and the close up photos of generations of women and men holding poignant messages, I felt pride in the unity of all these people and their desire for good.  While I'm not a marcher, I will take every ounce of the fierce energy we saw on the streets on Saturday and channel it toward a commitment to teach my son to respect women and to believe in the equal and kind treatment of everyone.

So much of the first year of parenthood is basic care and creating a sense of security and family, but as Bodie grows, I, like many of you, start to think about this incredible and immense task of helping my child distinguish right from wrong.  

Lately I have little stamina for entire books, but somehow I find time to reach the end of the internet devouring articles (or Kendall Jenner's Instagram feed).  Below are the four most actionable easy-to-reads that I have flagged for myself as I think about teaching Bodie to care about others. 

A Harvard Psychologist's 5 Strategies

5 Children's Books That Teach Compassion (Also see Joanna's lists of books with female heroines & characters of color)

Helping Kids Understand Feelings Through Conversation

A Discussion on how Parents Model Social Intelligence

Have you come across any articles that you would recommend? Feel free to add your ideas in the comments.