A Reminder For When You Feel Like You're Falling Behind

I've never felt further away from the type of career recognition or milestone I imagined when I was younger.  Mind you, I love a good heartstring-pulling speech and I definitely started practicing acceptance speeches in the shower at age 11.  It's very unclear what the acceptance speeches were for but lets say the goal was to be a change maker of a certain profile.  Given that on any given Wednesday the most pressing thing on my agenda is Bodie's music class, I don't think I'm taking a mic anytime soon.   Life, unpredictable and unplanned, happened.  Lots of it I'm very proud of but little of it are the goals I would have told you at 22.  I couldn't have told you the parts of the world I would get to see, the friendships that would get tested and grow, how I would meet my husband, that I would leave advertising for an MBA, move back to New York or pause my career for a baby boy.  

For ambitious mothers, especially those of us rearranging to make room for motherhood, I think it may be inevitable to have a "WTF happened to that vision/idea/plan?" moment.  The thing about goals is that they serve in pointing you in a direction but the magic is that once the years have passed and whether or not the goals are achieved or missed, you can always connect the dots backward and tell a pretty great story because its your story.  And now, I think we are at a natural juncture in motherhood to reset on goals and see where it leads us next.

I'd love to know - after motherhood, are you a goal setter or are you more apt to see where life takes you?