The Sleepwear I Swear By

I would love to meet the woman who stays at home with a baby and showers before that first nap.  For a very brief moment in time, I would shower before Dan went to work but that meant trading off the time in the day we get as the three of us. So I've gotten comfortable, maybe too comfortable, with never getting dressed for the day before 10am.

It took a moment to reconcile my bit of self-consciousness when we walk Dan to the door to wave goodbye - Dan looking polished and me looking like I've completely undone.  My solve is three sleep staples I have in constant rotation.  They're super soft and easy but substantial enough that I still feel put together.  

1.  The Gisele sleepshirt from Eberjey

2. The Night-Tee sleep dress from Recliner 

3. A Pima cotton wrap robe + slip from SKIN 

Do you get ready first thing in the morning or are you happy to stay in pajamas for a while?  Do you have any to add to the list?  Whatever you're wearing, hope you have a lazy Sunday morning. xo