5 Ways To Get Better Sleep Tonight

My Mondays and Tuesdays - the days I have my nanny with Bodie so I can commit to client and project work - are precious. So I get totally frustrated with myself when I waste an hour (or two) with my head in a fog.   I'm out of the new mom phase where poor sleep is part of the territory and head fog is expected.  Bodie has his occasional regressions but for the most part he's clocking in 11 hours at night so I should be able to do an easy 7-8.  Now that I'm operating in a bit of a haze, I've been more curious as to how to remedy the sleep situation.  Here are some of the ideas I've sourced and am giving a spin.  Starting tonight...

1.  Wake up at the same time.  Since it's unclear whether Bodie's going to wake at 5:45 or 7:00 on any given morning, I haven't established my own bedtime because my wake up time is variable. As brutal as this sounds, I'm going to commit to an alarm every morning so I can get into my own routine that isn't as reliant on his.

2.  Watch the clock for my favorite things.  Coffee and Sancerre are the ultimate pick me ups in the morning and evening but I'm going to try cutting off on coffee after 10am and passing on wine after 6pm (bizarre, I know).

3. Read Chick-Lit or Watch Law & Order SVU.  Before an especially poor night sleep, I'm usually having a heavy conversation or feverishly typing slash reaching the end of the Internet.  There is such a cultural focus on mindfulness all day so in contrast, I'm going to try mindless activity to end the day and ease into rest.

4.  Eat A Real Dinner.  When Dan is out of town or working late, I've gotten into a habit of grazing, i.e. eating Bodie's leftover ravioli as I wash up his dinner.  I've been so particular about Bodie's bedtime routine that I've ditched mine.  I've heard that one of the best ways to reverse jet lag is to eat your meals on your new time zone because feeding times are a biological indicator as to where we are in the day.  By that logic, sitting at the table or in front of the TV (per #3) with a plated meal, can signal sleep.

5.  Shower at night.  I've mentioned before that the consistent thing I do as soon as Bodie takes that first morning nap is hop in the shower and spend an excessive amount of time in there.  I'm going to give the evening bath ritual a try.  Research shows that after a long soak when you get out and your body temperature drops, the brain prepares to sleep. Its an added bonus that it frees up sacred nap time during the day to get other stuff done.  

If you sleep well or struggle with sleep do you have ideas to add to the list?  Are you a believer in sleep routine?  

Note: I found these articles on sleep super helpful in coming up with my list: Tory Burch on The Art of Sleeping and 13 All-Natural Ways To Fall Asleep