"Why Prioritizing Motherhood In The First Three Years Matters"


Putting motherhood "first" can be an emotionally charged and polarizing perspective in American and feminist culture.  So inevitably, I've read mixed reactions to Erica Komisar's new book, "Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood In The First Three Years Matters. It is however very in line with what Mother Untitled is for and about - a community of women (including myself) who are making conscious choices and changes because we want more physical and emotional availability for our children during their early years.  

Erica Komisar, a New Yorker, a mother and a prominent psychoanalyst, makes the compelling clinical case that the healthy early development of the brain and emotional growth in children is heavily correlated with the mother's presence.  

Somehow, Erica presents her thesis and the data without alienating any group of women - working, stay at home or somewhere in between.  She includes practical ways for mothers to feel connected and committed to their young kids no matter what their career choices or financial limitations.  Said another way, Erica gets that her view has to meet the different realities of many women who have to or choose to work in roles that offer less or limited room for family time.  

Erica adds a data-driven perspective and practical voice that quantifies the value of an involved mother, which many of us otherwise know and feel instinctually.  Most empowering is that Being There, like Mother Untitled and other smart and creative voices in women's media, signals a cultural movement toward elevating the role of mothers (more on that, here). 

What is your gut reaction to Being There?  Does it resonate with you? Looking forward to hearing what you think!  xo

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