5 Communities To Help Mothers Stay Social


Anyone following along with Mother Untitled has heard me say more than once that what I love most about this chapter of life (beyond the obvious) is the depth of female friendships.  I know I'm not alone in finding a vulnerability, openness, and creativity that gets unlocked among women during this time.  I credit those early friendships with women with giving me my confidence in my new mother skin.   There are a handful of new(ish) businesses that I've gotten to know personally or through social media that are committed to facilitating these relationships and experiences for new mothers - here are five I have top of mind right now: 

1.  Peanut   I missed the dating app scene, and as much as I love my husband and love our dating story, I'm still somewhat fascinated with the ability to pair two strangers (I know several success stories).  Peanut took these mystifying algorithms and put them to work for new mothers. The app allows you to find and set up one on one mom dates based on interests outside of new motherhood.  

2. Nibble+squeak  This New York-based team invites families to dine together at some of those off-limits restaurants - the ones with white tablecloths that are otherwise risky with kids.  Beyond the value of getting a special dining experience that's open and comfortable for you to enjoy together, I love the idea of meeting other local families in gorgeous, grown-up spaces.  By the way, you can find Nibble+squeak across the States. 

3. Heymama  This member network offers bright interviews, advice, and resources online but does an especially elegant, feminine job of bringing working and entrepreneurial mothers together in real life for events to deepen our creative networks.  They host in fun and fashionable places like the Surf Lodge or the Sezane store to make their calendar events feel like a real treat or outing for women.  

4. Mindr  The founder of Mindr came from a background on policy and law before embracing motherhood.  On the heels of the 2016 election, she set up a speaker series for peers (babies welcome) to participate and learn from each other without having to leave the kids behind.  She's grown the company to include an excellent roster of speakers at charming venues in NYC and London with more locations coming.  

5. Hello Sitter  This business was founded by a mother looking to solve the challenge of needing the last minute or spontaneous sitter but not wanting to trade off quality care and safety.  The curation of sitters is fully vetted by the team on their end so that all we as parents have to do is plug in unique traits or needs for our family or kids so that the technology can match us to the best available sitter.  

Have you found any other new ideas helpful in expanding or maintaining your social circles as a mother?  I'd love you to add them to the list. xo

Featured Image via Madewell et Sézane