I Forgot I Was An Introvert For A Week


I felt run down and cranky by the end of this past weekend, which felt horrid to admit when those slower days as the three of us feel precious.  But I'd had 7 straight nights out of the house, which is not my norm and my brain felt a bit foggy from too much wine, my mind was whirring overthinking interactions and my body felt tired.  

On Monday when our babysitter rung the bell, I found myself quietly dreading navigating the usual rhythms of the city to get to a workspace which would inevitably be crowded and buzzy by 10 a.m.  But the babysitter was here.  This was my time to network and dress up and crank through action items and feel like a part of it.  

But I bought myself an extra hour and then another one and finally canceled a lunch and committed to the day at home.  I found myself working my way through a list of things that had nothing to do with work but had been hanging over my head - e-mail responses, doctors appointments and birthday presents and such.  I ate solid meals.  I finished two cups of full coffee.  I drank my weight in water.  I checked in on Bodie when I felt like it to give him a squeeze and make sure he knew I was there.  

I can't tell you I feel recovered at the end of it but I've cleared my schedule for the remainder of the week outside of a couple meetings or playdates I am really looking forward to.  I've planned a small getaway upstate for Dan's birthday this weekend so the three of us can have some quality quiet time. 

I share all this because the imbalance was quickly created and subsequently corrected.  The tug of war between identities - introvert and extrovert, mother and wife, entrepreneur and stay at home mum - is taxing and for any women in this grey area between motherhood and ambition I imagine it's common.  At a time when self-care feels synonymous with Instagram friendly lotions and work outs, sometimes at this stage, it can be as easily found in checking in with yourself on where your energy is and what part of your life needs refueling.   

Have you experienced this type of imbalance lately?  Do you check in with yourself often on what your head or body needs?  I'd love to hear in the comments. 

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