Why Mothers Are An Asset To The Workplace


You've heard me speak before about Mindr - dubbed the Ted Talks for parents.  Sarah, the founder and a mother of a little girl called Ella, was a previous Another Mother Her Way and I write a monthly column on Mindr's new blog.  Sarah presented her thesis on the original Ted stage in Bushwick last week.  In her discussion, Sarah introduces the motherhood penalty - data revealing that for every child a woman brings into this world, her earning potential reduces.  The most poignant part of the talk followed with her punchy dissection of the rationale that women are believed to be distracted or less invested in their skills.  On the contrary, Sarah says the below which you can imagine made me beam.  

Motherhood teaches us perspective and passion, focus and flexibility. It gives us humility and a hunger to achieve, provide and lead by example. Motherhood teaches us to be level-headed in the face of a crisis, dependable at every turn, and agile in the face of change. In short, motherhood makes us ninjas. And ninjas are an asset in any workplace.
— Sarah Lux-Lee at TedxBushwickWomen

Sarah believes embracing this means our culture needs to invite mothers back into social spaces where their voices can be heard - making cafes, conferences and meeting rooms, more welcoming to women and their children.  Mindr began as an experiment on the heels of the election when she partnered with a Brooklyn cafe and filled it with 40 mothers and their kids to talk about the state of the state.  They embraced the noise and listened and contributed.  Since then she's built a series of events in Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey and London to congregate women, babies welcome, to discuss and learn around issues like politics, entrepreneurship, the environment and wellness.   

For any of us in the Mother Untitled community, taking a pause, dialing down work or starting something of our own to make room for motherhood, read Sarah's speech in full as another reminder that you are more than still part of it all and this time of your life is an asset.  

Featured Image via SollyBaby