MU Picked · Small Toys For Long Flights

I took a train yesterday solo.  No baby, no baggage, just me, a tote bag and a short book.  I read zero pages and stared out the window, awed by doing nothing.  This will be a far cry from our upcoming flight on Saturday, which I started preparing for last week with our M.U. Picked with King Kidlet on staples to keep us organized.  The other things I’m hoarding in my Amazon cart this week are small new toys which I firmly believe can remedy the stir-crazy toddler.  Apart from some of the gotos like little knick knacks from the dollar store (we love this one near us), post-its, hair elastics, and loveys, the below is our list of light and dependable activities that are coming along with us and entertain kids from the 6 month - 3 year stage.  



1. My Super Fun Playbook - Outside of the name and the shipping cost (the company is based in HK), this portable, felt and cotton activity book has twelve different pages with creative tactile activities that help gross motor skills (like tying shoelaces and finger puppets) and comprehension.  

2. Tegu Pocket Pouch Wooden Blocks - These gorgeous wood blocks come in a carrying case so they stay neat during travel but there are enough to build and create (read: entertain) for ages. I’ll bring them out for 10-minute stretches and then re-introduce them over and over during the course of a long flight.

3. Melissa & Doug Kids Take Along Shape Sorter -  Another one where the carrying case makes it.  The zippable front allows you to pop all the shapes back in and take them out for fun on repeat without the bulk of a regular shape bucket.

4. Fisher-Price Doodle Pro -  It’s a novel way to color and draw with a sturdy pen that gives kids an easier sense of control.  The dimensions are designed for travel and allow you to even carry it along in a small backpack.  

5. Melissa & Doug Sticker Pad - These reusable stickers come in all sorts of themes like towns and people and our favorite right now, vehicles.  Your kids can organize and reorganize the stickers on the different backdrops included in the book.  This one is light but long so best to pop in the front of a larger carry on but so worth it.  

6.  vTech Go! Go! Smart Vehicles - I would say this is more for the boys but our girl pals keep stealing them at play dates (you know who you are!)  You can fit at least three of these guys into a pocket of a diaper bag and the little noises are loud enough that your toddler will be entertained but not enough to cause a ruckus with nearby passengers.

7.  Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever - We will still bring some of Bodie’s favorite small books with us, but this one is enough to keep him endlessly entertained.  There are many pages that he’s flagged as his favorites so he’ll tend to look at those over and over but the book has over 72 pages of engaging illustrations with different themes and details for kids to get engrossed in.  

8.  Green Sprout Stacking Cups - Your youngest might gnaw on these but even an older toddler can enjoy them while playing pretend, building a tower or if all else fails, putting it on their heads and then yours.  Hilarious.  

9.  On The Go Coloring Pad -  These come in your favorite TV character’s so doubles as a sweet story and comfort object.  We'll be bringing Peppa Pig’s pad with us.  It's just enough pages to last a very long flight, small enough to tuck into any pocket of carry-ons and comes with a few select crayons so you’re not picking up a jumbo Crayola set at the end of the flight.  

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What are the other go-tos in your bag of tricks on a flight?  Add them in the comments! xo

Featured Image via Rose & Rex