UBS | Work That Works For Mothers


Flexible work is often assumed to be limited to specific industries - finance and law rarely included.  So I've been thrilled seeing the updates about the large Swiss bank with global offices, UBS, making strides in affording women the room to be mothers and transition back to work when they're ready.  

Of the women who returned to the workplace after their 4 month maternity, 90% at UBS have flexed their hours in some way with a rising number negotiating a shorter work week.  More than 50% of women worked remote. (Source: Working Mother)  

Most interesting, to support the women taking a pause from work to focus on family,  UBS launched a "Career Come Back" initiative targeted to women who have taken at least two years off from work.  Much like a grad school program, applications open frequently.  The twenty-week program includes on-boarding, a deep dive into the current financial systems, coaching, and mentorship.  

Seeing large financial firms start to respond to the ambitious woman's desire to pause or dial down work is a comfort to anyone worrying about the career options on the other side of this chapter of their lives.

Featured Image via Love Being Petite