Wishing You A Merry, Slightly Imperfect Holiday


If you're following along on Instagram, you know we're on a beach holiday this week.  Dan and I decided to raise Bodie Jewish which I've talked about before (here) and am happy for for many reasons including that we usually get to jet to warm weather for the last week of the year.

But I do miss Christmas which I spent 28 years (before Dan) celebrating with my family with Italian Christmas eve dinners, oatmeal pancakes and presents.  Mostly I feel for my parents who wanted to make me feel like a part of it all when we first immigrated to the States - decorating a little ficus tree with knick-knacks in the first years before they had the money or space for a real tree.  And now,  in our home, we have a menorah and usually are traveling on the 25th but we still string lights on our cactuses for December so that Bodie, like I did, can feel part of the collective spirit and season of light.  I suppose it's an annual reminder that no matter how far our lives take us from our beginning, the memories we create for our kids hold a special place and that actually, the hodgepodge holiday traditions - the ones that maybe aren't picture perfect - are the ones our kids will remember so fondly because they were theirs. 

Whatever your religion or non-religion, I hope you're having bright days with your families. 


Featured Image by Jenny Gorman for Mother Untitled