Our Most Loved MU Quotes From 2017

Emma Stone recently confessed to Jimmy Fallon about her secret Pinterest board of inspirational quotes and it just made me love her more.  Even the coolest among us are suckers for finding comfort in words that validate or encourage our feelings and thoughts.  Over the course of this first year of Mother Untitled, we've posted the words that had an impact on us each week. 

I thought it would be fun as we come up on the end of the year and our anniversary to look back on everyone's favorite content. Part of what I love about having Mother Untitled is getting to learn about what's on everyone else's minds besides my own and in seeing the M.U. Quotes that got the most love, I feel a lot of pride in us.  The words that stuck reflect a communal desire to prioritize family, get comfortable with where we are in this chapter of our lives and support and feel supported by other women.  Scroll below for the top five based on Instagram likes but we also had a soft spot for this one, this one, and this one.  Which one sticks with you?