Links I Like This Week (A Special Year End Recap)


We usually round up our favorite links across the web from the week here but given the end of the year and MU's upcoming one year anniversary, I went back through the year's archive to pull the pieces from our site that peaked the most interest. I love what these show about our shared interests and contemplations as a community of women transitioning into motherhood.  Here are our most far-reaching six posts from the last twelve months.  

1. Every Mother Works.

2. The Risk of Being Mostly A Mother.  (And what I'm working on, always).

3.  Why Mom Guilt Is Biological.

4.  Three Mistakes I Make When Answering What Do You Do?

5. On Being A Millennial & A Mom.

6. On Gisele Bünchden and Breastfeeding.

Happy last weekend of 2017 xo 

Featured Image via Reformation