A Little Game That Brought My Husband & I Closer

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Dan and I both left November feeling less than pleased with our bathroom scale, which I still think is off. While we were hesitant to admit it, the gain was quite possibly the fault of the regular glass of wine we were enjoying together at the end of a workday or at a mid-day brunch with visitors on the weekends.  Innocent enough until we realized we finished a case of wine over the course of a few weeks.  Oops. 

So while we recognize that this is ridiculous timing given the holidays we set a two drink limit for each week.  Cold turkey wasn't really for us.  In having a little allowance, we can allow ourselves a drink or two on a special event or evening and stick to bubbly water for the rest of the week.  

I think our biggest worry was that we both liked our evening glass of wine as a way to make quiet nights special.  Unexpectedly, this little team challenge gives us a quirky way to connect.  It's a fun (kind-of) and light goal that we can talk about, plan for and appreciate together.  We've clearly already bookmarked our evenings we'll be indulging this week and I know we'll enjoy it a bit more than usual.

We're also doing this with weekly gym goals.  Are you attempting any diets or fitness goals for December or are you saving them for January like normal people?  Have you ever tried small goal setting with your partner?