Three Websites I Love For Smart Parenting

When I was planning for Mother Untitled I felt wary of entering the online sphere because there is already so much gorgeous content for women.  I ultimately felt certain there was room and a need for the particular conversation around modern women prioritizing motherhood and finding balance.  That said, there are plenty of areas under the parenting umbrella for which I don't need to reinvent the wheel. A few people have written or asked if I'll be sharing recipes or product reviews and while I will occasionally share my own edit on things that make our home and life feel balanced, there are already pretty stellar sites out there  - these are my three that are always bookmarked.  

1.  BabyFoodE - I really enjoy watching Bodie build his own relationship with food so this is one of the sites I find most special.  I started him on the basics at around 5 months and the website's simple visuals of interesting combinations made me loads more adventurous with blended purees and now creative finger foods. 

2.  600sqftandababy - This is for other city people who are constantly bemoaning life in small spaces with little people.  Alison has a playful parenting style combined with a minimalist aesthetic and really makes me committed to create a simple city home that works for us as a family.

3.  Lucie's List - When I was pregnant and choosing essentials to welcome Bodie home with, I swore by Crickets CIrcle (RIP).  Since then I've turned to Lucie's list when I'm deciding between anything from umbrella strollers to baby proofing bits and pieces. Her voice is a down-to-earth, comprehensive take on products across the price points. 

Do you have sites you would add to the list?  Would love you to add them in the comments. xo