Aprés | Work That Works For Mothers

It feels really promising to see companies (like last week's Monica & Andy) putting stakes in the ground that flexible work for mothers is not only possible but helps make their business stronger.  But there is a whole other side of the conversation.  For a lot of my accomplished female friends, who need or want to be fully at home with their children or can't find the right flexible work situation, there is an intention to re-enter the workforce on the other side of these years.  

Traditionally, that idea has seemed daunting because of the "gap" on the resumé or the nerves that you're out of touch, but marketplaces like Aprés are bound to shift that. I love that it was built by two women who lived it - Jennifer Gefsky and Niccole Kroll left high-ranking jobs in law and research, respectively, to raise their families and then once their children were school age, struggled to find work worthy of their prior experience.  Their concept is essentially a LinkedIn for super qualified, smart women who took a break and are ready and wanting to reconnect with the workplace.  

What makes Aprés special is not only the corporate partners and job curation specific to women at this stage but the tools and resources, including job coaching or industry specialists, to get women feeling caught up and confident after taking a pause.  

But what I appreciate the most, is the tone - the respect for modern women - for our past professional selves, for our choices to put our families first and for our ambition and intelligence that remains intact.  

More than just a tool or a community, I think Aprés is the conversation changer we need. 

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