Your Vision Board Is So 8th Grade

Remember your 8th grade locker door?  Mine had Freddie Prinze Jr. stickers, a "dance like no one is watching" quote magnet and Kodak prints of my friends and me looking the prettiest we could with braces and pimples.  In any case, without overthinking it, between bells, the montage on that door gave us a sense of who we were and if nothing else, a mood boost.

On November 8th of this past year, I came home from the voting station, peeled the Vote sticker off my sweater and without much thought, stuck it to the inside of my otherwise, somewhat edited closet.  Its still there  a few months later and every morning I get a bit of nostalgia for that day I voted for a female presidential candidate.  I remember the pride, the hope and the giddy excitement.  Clearly, things took a different turn the next morning, but the impact of that daily reminder isn't lost in the day to day.  

So, I've been thinking about using that forgotten closet space on the interior of the door - that is just mine - for pinning the images that give me energy, direction or a sense of who I am.  Now there's been quite a bit of literature, like the NYTimes Bestseller The Secret, written about the power of visualization.  Maybe our adolescent selves were more self-aware than we got credit for.  Maybe we knew we were a little bit lost and needed some good vibes and reminders where we could get them.  Motherhood may be sans braces and zits (on the good days), but we could still do with a check in with our selves and our long-term goals wherever we can. 

Given there is such a thing called Pinterest, do you see value in bringing to life (real life) your goals and such?  If you already have a small space to do this, can you share?