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Zoie Kingsbery Coe, Founder, Kid & Coe

Zoie Kingsbery Coe, Founder, Kid & Coe

Dan and I committed to continuing to travel after we had children so we've been lucky that Bodie is a cooperative companion. That said, he comes with baggage.  A lot of it.  We'd been toying with the idea of a Spring weekend in Amsterdam when I came across this bright apartment in the city centre complete with kids essentials, a cozy play space and loads of toys. That particular property is one among Kid & Coe's collection of design forward and kid friendly (yes, they exist) accommodations across the globe. Kid & Coe not only hand selects the ideal places to stay but also offers a local edit on activities with attention to family needs.  The site has an authenticity, thoughtfulness and care to it so it's not surprising that the majority of the team are mothers scattered across coasts and countries, working remotely.  Here, Laura Hall, Director of Communications at Kid & Coe, shares the founder and team's philosophy and approach to creating and maintaining a work structure that works for mothers but also to the benefit of their business.  Thanks for doing what you do, Laura & team xo

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Throw away your assumptions that start-ups are all about millennials playing ping pong at lunchtime - the majority of Kid & Coe’s team are mothers, working from their preferred locations, home offices and coffee shops around the world. As Kid & Coe is a family travel start up, it makes sense to have team members who have experience of travelling with kids - who better than a team of international parents? When we need local information on Los Angeles, New York, London or Ibiza, we have first hand knowledge of those diverse communities at our fingertips too.  Non-traditional workplaces like ours call for a certain sort of individual. We seek people for our team that are responsible, autonomous and organised. Being able to ruthlessly prioritise is a highly important skill, and being able to get a lot done in a little amount of time is critical. What do these skills have in common with parents? Everything.

All workplaces, traditional or not, have their drawbacks. For us, it can be hard to switch off at the end of the day. Having a round-the-clock presence with colleagues on different time zones means the working day can go on longer than a traditional office day. There are always logistics to manage - kids still need to go to childcare after school to facilitate a working day - and you have to like working on your own because there is a lot of it. But we like to think of our working set up as our secret sauce - we’re forging a new path for parents in the workplace, just as our brand is disrupting traditional family travel norms.

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Tips on effective remote working

  • Organized communication is key; use tech to help. We couldn't live without Trello and Slack to keep team projects and conversations uncomplicated and easy to follow
  • Take childcare seriously. Make sure your little ones are well looked after in a reliable setting so you can focus on your work
  • Skype video calls are essential. Seeing your colleagues’ faces helps team bonding and makes it easier to work together as a team
  • Get ready for the day just as if it were an office day. It puts you in the right frame of mind to work hard and be effective.