A Weekend Commitment

I find weekends a little bit more tiring than the week.  While during the weekdays with Bodie I can generally allot myself time to take care of me, I find that weekends become a dance of making sure Bodie's and my husband's needs and wants are taken care of.  For example, Dan knows going for a run or to the gym lets him be a stronger version of himself so we both make getting him there a priority on the weekends.

To Dan's credit, he has been really good about encouraging me to ask for time for myself so that we can be more balanced.  Its on me that I've struggled with this.  I find it hard to puncture our little time together as the three of us and harder still to find something I want to do more than be together, as the three of us.

Working out really isn't for me and if I were to do it for the sake of balancing the scales, I'd likely be annoyed the whole time (put me on elliptical and I'm already annoyed).  I used to love a solo date with myself - lunch or a museum - but now the thought of choosing to do that alone instead of with Bodie and Dan just doesn't sit right.  I could write, get work done or see my girlfriends, but I've figured out a pretty solid rhythm for that during the week.  So I went down the list and finally landed on the one thing that has really fallen to the wayside.  

From this weekend on, while Dan gets to enjoy some one on one time with Bodie in the evenings, I'm going to start reading again.  Not reading as in going down the rabbit hole of link bait on the Internet.  For an hour or so, I'm going to let myself disconnect, keep myself present, and hold something creative and tangible.  I'm starting with Cleopatra , not so light but a very overdue read for me.  The goal is less about being a voracious reader again but more actively practicing making myself a priority within our threesome.  

Are you good at carving out time for yourself on the weekends? How so?  Would love to hear from you in the comments.

Wherever you fall on this, I hope you are having a lovely Sunday xo