6 Steps to the Perfect Mom Bun

If I flip through my Facebook or an album of photos, I wouldn't be able to show you one picture of me with my hair up.  I've always been conscious about my ears, whether that's in my head or not, I've avoided pulling my hair back from my face for a long time.   In recent months, self-consciousness is giving way to practicality.  I may be down on time I can allot to maintaining flowing, ear-hiding, waves but the state of my hair still sets tone for my day.  I know I'm not alone; DryBar wouldn't be such a huge business if I was.  If I have to toss my hair up, I have visions of looking like a cross between Kate Hudson from an Athleta ad and Natalie Portman from Black Swan - at least, in the hair bun territory.  I went looking for the best instruction on achieving this Messy Top Knot and Ballerina Bun hybrid.  Here's the best I found for a small set of steps that are realistic for the morning.  

Step-by-step guide via Marie Claire UK (Video Tutorial below) 

1. Start by brushing hair careful to avoid knots and tangles

2. If you want you can use a little bit of volumizing root spray or some dry shampoo to texturize the hair 

3. Next create a high ponytail right on the top at the back of the head, this doesn’t have to be too neat but try to get it right up to the crown of the head. TIP: If you have really long or thick hair and find it tricky to create a high pony tip your head upside down to make sure you can get you pony high enough.

4. Once you have a high pony divide into two sections and use your fingers to twist the hair around into a bun securing with a bobble.

5. You will now have a tight ballerina style twisted bun. We like making things look a little messier so this is the time to start pulling out a few strands around the face and loosening up the bun to add volume.

6. Using bobby pins you can play around the shape of your bun to add more dimension. Finish with a light hairspray to keep all the strands in place.