Monica & Andy | Work That Works For Mothers

Beyond having among the most clean, natural and soft layettes I’ve seen, Monica & Andy delivers a gorgeous end to end experience and an edit on classic pieces for babies and toddlers.  For his first few months, Bodie lived in this and a version of this.

There are plenty of beautiful baby brands to choose from when it comes to gifting but I pay special mind to this one because of their commitment to the concept of flexible work.  As a consultant I’ve had to make my set of trade offs, but I've been able to still create value for organizations and stay connected to the work place while having space and time to prioritize motherhood. I hope that as we grow this conversation about finding more balance, we’ll find more companies ready to engage and create freelance, consulting or part-time opportunities that work for women who want to put motherhood first. Founder & CEO of Monica & Andy, Monica Royer, built a brand and business devoted to making it work for women.  I’ll leave you with her words and my hope that she’s among the first of many:

After my daughter was born I felt such a huge dilemma. Go back to work or stay home?  I know I’m not alone in this struggle. It’s something so many moms face. I decided to stay home, but started Monica + Andy on the side. For three years, I did it during naptime and after bedtime. Along the way I met so many other talented moms who longed to find more balance between their home and work lives. Very organically, I started putting together a team of part-time moms who did everything from photography to merchandising, marketing to PR.  
I truly believe that with the evolution of technology the old 9 to 5 construct is a thing of the past.  Why can’t we shape a new flexible work force, so moms can drop their kid off at school and pick them up when the day is over? It doesn’t work perfectly every time, but I want to try.
I believe in options. There is no one way. And I want to make work, work.

Monica Royer via Monica & Andy