A Reminder For When You're Antsy

Do you daydream?  It has always been my favorite pastime, especially in the shower.  About anything - events I want to host, books I want to write and ideas I want to make happen.  I can lose myself in the daydream and find myself on the other side of a ten minute shower, drying off and antsy to make it all happen.

By the end of the week, when I've gotten done only tiny to dos for personal projects in favor of more pressing life to-dos I remember this gorgeous mantra that great things happen only after the simple day to day.  I think it applies to any woman with ambition whether you're taking a pause for motherhood or in a work construct that works for now but you're excited for something else one day or already underway with something and excited for it to grow.

I hear so many of us talking about time going too fast or there not being enough hours in the day and so unsurprisingly our notion of time becomes this ticking clock.  Especially while I've dialed down work for motherhood and am underway with Mother Untitled, I find peace in considering time as a series of small dots marking where we are now. One day, when one of those big spectacular ideas happens, the dots will connect back to my current place.  Thinking about it this way makes the present count toward the daydream. 

Do you ever feel antsy?  Does reframing time resonate with you? Hope you can enjoy where you are today xo