A Tiny Outfit Trick

I was at a wine bar with girlfriends (this new little gem in our neighborhood) and we all showed up wearing some version of a tee with jeans. No jewelry, no scarves, no accessories. Unless you count our bras.  

Somewhere in between hefty pours, it came out that we were done with the signature of comfort and discretion (and breastfeeding) - the nude bra - and had each moved onto strictly, the more prominent, more sophisticated alternative in black.  Somehow all three of us discovered what supermodels have known for a long while, that whether hidden, poking out or showing through, a black bra (lace optional) is an update to your basic tee.  The bit of something crisp lets me wear what I normally would with Bodie and transition to meeting or date night still feeling confident.    It adds layer, texture and a little edge.  Which we could all use some days.  

This is my go-to slouchy white tee and black bralette I live in.  

Do you have other little swaps to make yourself feel dressed? Add yours below! xo