A Vogue Shopping Scene For Kids

Co-founders of  Maisonette  with their children.  Image Credit:   Vogue

Co-founders of Maisonette with their children.  Image Credit: Vogue

Have you tried shopping all at once for each season or age for your kids? I love doing this for Bodie and try and create a capsule like I would for myself if I got to go on a spree every three months - with neutrals and basics and then, prints and layers to mix in that can pair easily.  It spares us at least a bit of excess and clutter.  

Bodie's first year wardrobe was an efficient mix of a Ralph Lauren layette, Carters basics, Zara pieces and a sprinkle of special things thanks to generous friends.  I didn't even let myself browse anything higher end because of how may outfits we were going through in any given day and outgrowing before I blinked. 

Now, toddler growth spurts are less dramatic and diaper explosions are few and far between.  While Zara is still my go-to, I'm more open to fun (read: more expensive than $20) pieces to mix and match into a capsule.   

Just in time for me to shop for Bodie's spring/summer set, I started hearing news about Maisonette.  My favorite alert coming through in the form of an e-mail from a friend with the one word subject line, "Trouble". 

The Maisonette site has a clean and playful aesthetic and it comes through in every bit of their edit on tiny beautiful brands.  They have boutique favorites like Rylee + Cru and Bobo Choses with newcomers like de Buci Baby.  The founders, Luisana Mendoza Roccia and Sylvana Durrett, are Vogue alumni who both started as assistants to Anna before working their way up in editorial, becoming friends and then becoming mothers.  

I'm already eyeing this, this and this.  Do you splurge on selects for your kids?  What are your favorite places to shop for your little ones? Happy Spring! xo

Cover Image: Maisonette