Are You Good At Self-Promoting?

This past weekend, I was away with some of the women I consider closest to me.  So I was totally baffled when, by the end of the weekend, it became clear that all but one of them didn't know I was still consulting.  

Self-promotion is controversial especially these days when social media can be such smoke and mirrors.  But in the identity crisis following motherhood, I seemingly stopped talking at all about the career part of my life. Mother Untitled is about what it means to get comfortable with motherhood coming first but it is also about the rhythms in relationships, work and wellness that let us stay balanced or connected.  

That's what consulting is for for me, albeit two days a week. But I downplay it.  Or skim over it. Or apparently among the people closest to me, don't even mention it.  

For all of us in the untitled category, whether it's freelance projects, classes, non-profit work or dabbling in creative interests, it still counts.  It may be different, lesser paid or lower profile than what you were doing before but it is still part of your current story. As we've talked about here and here, your present place always leads to what comes next.  These are three things I'm practicing to keep my peers and network aware of where I am:

1. Answer the question "What do you do?" with clarity and confidence.

Here's my answer on a good day: "I used to run brand at a start up, I am still consulting two days a week which leaves me the time I want to be home with Bodie."  How do you answer it if you're taking a pause or dialing work down?

2. Refresh my online portfolio.  

For different industries, this may be your website or LinkedIn profile but revisiting that space, refreshing it and subsequently, because of the joy of social, sharing an update, keeps people aware of your choices at the moment and leaves the door propped open for contacts to reach out.

3. Keep the career networking game strong.  

Keeping a hand in the game can simply mean meeting interesting people in your industry and keeping your career chat up to date. Trading notes, making new relationships or learning how the landscape is changing keeps you interested and interesting - even when that particular day could feel far from it.  

Whatever your choices in your work life in motherhood, are you good at keeping people aware of your goings on?  What would you add to the list? 


Featured Photo via Darling Magazine