A How To From Professional Organizers

I met Henry & Higby as I was connecting with women who had made career choices to create space for motherhood.  Michelle Hale, who worked in Private Equity before having her son, used her years at home with him to simultaneously figure out what gave her energy.  In taking that space for herself and motherhood, she re-connected with a childhood friend, Annie Draddy, and together they got in touch with their Southern roots and penchant for creating order and elevated spaces. 

The two built their New York city based organizing business on the thesis that creating efficiency in your physical space allows for more balanced living and time spent on the more important things.  I'm particular about my own space and subscribe to that philosophy, especially in this phase of life, but I was skeptical about the impact of a 3rd party coming into my home to declutter better than I could.  It turns out while I'm in a perpetual state of cleaning, my level of organization leaves something to be desired.  We met over pizza and a playdate and they offered to take a look at Bodie's room.  Lo and behold, a fresh set of experienced eyes did wonders for Bodie's closet space which in turn did wonders for my state of being.  

Annie and Michelle's process was not so dissimilar from any consultant - observing how we operate, where the inefficiencies are and then offering strategies to make things simpler.  Lucky me that suddenly they were pulling things out and happily labeling so Bodie and I backed away slowly and they did their thing.  While the space certainly looked cleaner and "lighter" immediately, it has been in the following weeks that I felt the impact - I know exactly where Bodie's next stage of clothing is or where I can grab his towel for swim class and in turn, I'm spared those minutes of frantically throwing everything out to throw everything back in to find that missing glove in the pair.  And as we all know every minute counts. 

Michelle jotted down the key things that come to mind while working on nursery closets:

  • One of the most important principles of organizing is storing like items with like items or grouping items based on usage which means gathering all winter items in one drawer or bin and all summer or swim in another. 
  • Organize your closet by carving out space based on how you live your life and the activities that you often do with your child. For instance, if you take swim lessons weekly, put all of the necessary items together in an area. Or if you regularly travel on the weekend, collect all of the necessary items for travel together to make packing up and getting out of the house easier. 
  • When selecting storage containers, we recommend selecting clear plastic containers so the you can see the contents easily. We also recommend labels so there is no confusion about what goes where when you are putting things away.
  • Baby clothing makes for an adorable gift so new moms often receive quite a bit of it but it can be hard to stay on top of your clothing inventory as babies grow so fast. Try to stay on top of it by packing the clothes that are slightly too big in a special section of the dresser or closet so it is close by when you need to move them up to the next size. If it is hidden away in a box at the bottom of your closet, you will most likely forget that you have it and it will go unused. 

Do you have systems to make your spaces more easy-to-use? Would love for you to add to Michelle's tips in the comments... xo