PwC | Work That Works For Mothers

I often find myself reluctant to share my two day a week work structure with girlfriends in finance or law who are also wanting more time at home.  I'm acutely aware that flexible work or simply, balance is more difficult to find for women in traditionally traditional fields.  So I am encouraged (and hope they will be too) seeing there is movement even at that end. 

Anne Donovan is responsible for People Innovation at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the company now making headlines for the infamous gaffe at the Oscars but also among the top four global accounting firms. Ann recently wrote in Working Mother about five years of the philosophy of flexibility for the PwC team.  Her perspective in championing a culture of flexibility is that it isn’t just about making adjustments for mothers, it’s about maintaining talent around the shared value of balance.  With that mindset, the cultural shift is less about gender and more about generations and value systems. I'll leave you with Anne's words on the catalytic change at PwC and my optimism for a future where progress on this front can apply in even the most conservative capacities. 

Flexibility is one of the biggest culture changes we’ve made at PwC to address the evolving needs of our workforce. It started eight years ago when we started learning about millennials and what they wanted in a workplace. We realized that, to attract top talent, we needed to make some very big changes and it turns out it has benefited us all.

My team spearheaded the firm’s efforts to make this transition and in November 2011 we launched Flexibility2—the beginning of a journey to empower each of us to make flexibility happen every day. We all work hard to deliver quality and value to our stakeholders, but working hard doesn’t mean forfeiting our personal lives.

Ann Donovan, PwC for Working Mother