Why The Wing Is All The Rage

Image via The Wing

Image via The Wing

Have you heard of The Wing?  It's a members only, women's only club in my neighborhood in New York - a part of the city that was actually historically known as Ladies' Mile.  The founders of The Wing designed an unabashedly feminine gathering ground to be used as a lounge or work space. The rooms are bright and blush with a whole library of feminist reading.  The care for women's wants extends beyond furnishing, with dressing rooms with organic tampons and pumping rooms for new mothers.  

There's something so ra ra woman about it, in a way that doesn't feel unnatural or forced.  It also gives attention to the rise of flexible, creative or entrepreneurial work for women who need, as the founders envisioned, a home away from home.  The timing coincides with lots of buzz around the magic that happens when women support women and the space is a modern take on the ladies clubs of the early 20th century where women congregated to create movements and lean on one another.  

The power couple of founders for the Wing are Audrey Gelman (formerly a political publicist and inspiration for the character Marnie on Girls) & Lauren Kassan (formerly of Class Pass).  As of this week, the pair raised another 8 million in funding which they plan to use to expand clubs in New York and to other cities.  Good news for anyone on the almost 3,000 person waiting list.

I've talked before about where to work when you don't go into an office. Would you join a club like this?  What do you think of the idea of a women's only common space? I'd love to hear xo

Source: Forbes