What Does The Art Of Slow Mean For Modern Mothers?


There's been a lot of internet chat about slow living, which I've taken a strong liking to conceptually because it seems to be everywhere I look on Instagram and on my favorite websites (i.e. Darling Magazine, which by the way, makes me want to be a better woman). 

The jist of the art of slow is being happier with fewer more quality things in your life so you can focus on living with more meaning.   It emphasizes the shift from chasing traditional benchmarks of success (i.e. titles, salary, expensive goods etc.) toward finding balance and true enjoyment.  

I can understand why it feels like a lofty concept that falls flat in fast cities especially, but I think it speaks to something that a lot of us come to naturally when we become mothers.  For any of us who are taking a career pause or choosing a work life or lifestyle that creates more emotional, physical or financial space to be with our children, the cultural celebration of slow living allows us a little bit of companionship and confidence in taking that step.  It also affords a sense of fluidity and thoughtfulness so you can imagine shifting over and over again.  

I have an inkling that as the philosophy of slow living grows more popular, for lack of a better word, there will be more acceptance around the different choices and changes we make as women and mothers.

What do you think about the cultural trend toward slow?  Do you find yourself picking up on the movement? xo

Featured Image:  Old Farmhouse