5 Things That Simplify Plane Travel with A Toddler

Image via Birdling Bags

Image via Birdling Bags

This past weekend, we escaped a string of sicknesses and a little bit of stress on the home front for Mexico and now that we're back on this side of the border I can say we still believe that the more we travel with Bodie, the better the companion he keeps growing into.  He lounged on the beach bed with us and entertained himself with the novelty of shovels and sand, loved an afternoon swim and could sit at the swim up bar with a juice like a real grown up friend.  That's not to say it's all without adjustment on our part - I caught myself longingly staring at someone sleeping on the plane while Bodie ran the full distance of the aisle before I could blink.  That said, of the dozen or so flights we've done with a little person, each plane ride has felt pretty straightforward. Here are the few particular pieces that have made me feel more "intact" and prepared:

Yoyo Baby Zen - I really didn't want to be the parent that paid this much for a "sometimes" stroller.  But it was worth every penny.  It fits right overhead, slings over your shoulder like an arm bag and collapses like a dream.

Birdling Weekender Bag - A small diaper bag simply won't do for us on a long-ish flight. We need the extra space for the changes of clothes, diapers and toys.  This bag doubles as an overnight bag for Bodie but is extra roomy with plenty of pockets on the interior to organize snacks and such and on the exterior to put things you may need in a flash.

Babyganics Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizing Wipes - I carry multiple packs of these so I can swipe all our hands quickly and if I'm feeling ultra careful, like I was this week coming off the series of bugs, I wipe down the seats and arm rests so I don't have to cringe when Bodie naturally touches, and maybe kisses, everything.

AVAWO Apple iPad Kids Case -  We all wish we could entertain our children solely with songs and stories but by hour three of a flight, a little Elmo's World helps everyone's cause.  We never know what the wi-fi or screen situation will be on the flight so we download a few favorite shows to have on the ready.  This case keeps the screen secure and easy to hold for little fingers and props up on a seat tray so kids can lay back and watch.... and god willing, doze off.

Compact toys & Loads of Snacks - These are our favorites in the toy department: Tegu magnetic wooden blocks, Melissa & Doug Kids Take Along Shape Sorter and Purple Ladybug Stickers (with a spare notebook).  

I'd love to know - what would you add to this list?  xo