My Beauty Indulgence Of The Moment

We all know extra time in the morning for a luxurious beauty ritual is what dreams are made of. The French bare faced look couldn't be better timed for becoming a mother, contingent on my skin feeling fresh and healthy.  I never took to facials, but I did get one recently when Hey Day launched because their space and design felt so inviting and sophisticated.  I didn't see enough of a monumental difference after the first day to create a habit but I did fall hard for their range of products.

Because my skin is like most 30 somethings' after a winter in New York, I was recommended everything nourishing and glow-inducing in the Naturopathica line.  I've been using the Chamomile Cleansing Milk in lieu of my basic Cetaphil for 8 weeks, followed by the Botanical Brightening Serum that is my first foray into serums and finally the pièce de résistance, the Calendula Essential Hydrating Cream, which feels like a holistic healing butter that I can use day and night.  

Given a career in brand work, I've typically been a skeptic on skin products, assuming that outside of pretty packaging and price point, the differences are limited.  But without a doubt, my skin feels stronger and less frequently irritated after Naturopathica finally replaced my Neutrogena products (20 years late).  

Beyond a mission anchored in well-being, Naturopathica is mostly female owned and operated and committed to work-life balance.  

What are your favorites in skin-care? Do you favor drug-store buys or are you willing to splurge? I would love to see your picks in the comments! xo


Featured Image via Pinterest