My Brain On Baby

Bodie has spent the last 24 hours with some mix of a stomach virus, cough and a fever and my brain is officially closed for business.  Somewhere at the 5am mark this morning when I had finally settled him back to sleep, it occurred to me that my mind was processing little else besides observing him and coming up with the game plan to get him back to healthy.  I've spent my whole adult life trying to shut out noise but there is nothing like motherhood to finally get you to a place of singular focus.  

Did you happen to catch the swell of controversy at the end of last year about the change in a mother's brain (specifically, gray matter) after having a baby? Without reading it, I would have guessed there was an enlargement in the functions of empathy, efficiency and endurance.  

In reading it, you get a view of a reduction in some functions and a hypersensitivity for the others most obviously associated with attachment and care. The New York Times wrote this piece at the end of last year, and The Atlantic ran this one the year prior.  

It's a somewhat taboo, murky area admitting that your head works differently after having children especially with so many of us still working in some capacity or wanting to down the line.  But I buy it - so much of birth, feeding and rearing children is animalistic and I know I've changed though I don't have the biological vocabulary to pinpoint the whys and hows. I like to think the changes - the awareness, the sensitivities, the strength - actually make us more of a special talent and asset, whether in our homes, our social groups, or the workplace.  

Where do you fall in the conversation?  Do you buy into the science that your brain has morphed as a mother?  Do you experience it in a way? Would love to hear your thoughts!


Featured Image via Vintage Pretty