A Break From Regular Programming For This Important Message

I had a post for today that has absolutely nothing to do with what I felt when I woke up this morning.  Anything else felt trivial when I woke up to images of children suffocating under siege in Syria. The children pictured, being carried out of chemical warfare, looked not so dissimilar from Bodie, just born unfortunately into such a troubled part of the world.  It's so easy to think it's a different world but we are all human.  Something has gone so wrong for all of us when atrocities like this happen, even if in another place.  I'm feeling intensely for those mothers far away who have lost so much today. I feel reminded that motherhood unites us - to care, to do more for each other and the world's children. 

If you want to help in some way but feel it's impossible, here's a good list of charities helping Syrian children and their families.  

How do you feel in watching the news? Sending love.