Prokanga | Work That Works For Mothers

In the last week,  I got an e-mail from Jamie Cheney, founder of Prokanga, describing a role within a non-profit that I would likely never have sourced myself but sounded quite close to ideal if I was actively looking.  The job description was followed by one particularly appealing line: "While this is absolutely a full-time role, it is truly flexible - as long as the ED [Executive Director] is getting the job done, they can set their own schedule and work remotely as needed."

More than the role itself, it was the tone that married professional challenge with personal understanding that stayed with me.  It makes all the sense in the world when you understand the backgrounds of the founders - Jamie and her partner, Lesley Finer, are alum of Yale, HBS and U. Michigan, and built strong careers in advertising and finance, respectively, before each having three children in New York. 

Prokanga is like a super smart agent, working on behalf of the mothers they select and curate into a community of qualified, specialized talent who wants to work on a more flexible basis.  Jamie says about the other side of the equation, the businesses seeking talent, "Our clients care about quality over quantity - very often they are taking the same budget that they would allocate to a full-time junior resource and allocating it to a more senior professional on a part-time schedule. These professionals require minimal onboarding and oversight - they absolutely hit the ground running. Clients see us as a cost effective way to grow their business - and who can argue with that?"

The rise of these resources, like Prokanga, The Second Shift or Aprés signals a broad movement toward acceptance and value for ambitious women opting for independence and flexibility for a period of time.  Jamie wrote an open letter to President Trump about how this is a massive opportunity for the economy. 

To join Prokanga's network of women or businesses, or just learn more about their philosophy, pop over to their site.  

If you're currently working in a flexible role, what was your experience finding it? Would love to know! xo


Featured Image via Boden