A New Campaign Fills The Gaps In Your LinkedIn Profile

The creative ad agency, Mother New York, took a stand for women reconciling their careers and motherhood with their new campaign, The Pregnancy Pause.  

While I think it should be rebranded The Mothering Pause, I love the conversation starter.   In stepping away from full time work to have the space to be home for these early years with Bodie, when I get weekly e-mail updates from the LinkedIn community, I feel that twinge of self-consciousness of how my career shifts compare to the linear and up and to the right careers of my peers.  For women considering reentering the full time work force, as our pause from the full time work force grows longer, it can feel more and more intimidating.  For mothers who choose to stay home for 6 months or 6 years, the idea of demonstrating that their skills are still relevant in an interview is undeniably daunting. The issue becomes more complex when women are immediately disqualified as candidates by employers glancing at their LinkedIn profiles, without the chance to explain that mystery gap on their resume.

To fill that gap, Mother New York created a LinkedIn page and website for The Pregnancy Pause, giving women a way to professionally identify themselves on their LinkedIn with the title "Mom" and the company, "The Pregnancy Pause".  They designed it to speak philosophically to the more than full time nature of the role of a mother and more tactically to give job seekers a way to explain their pause before they can be written off by a potential employer. 

After leaving my last full time role, I've kept my LinkedIn up to date with client work to give myself talking points and my network an idea of how I'm staying involved.  Other friends suggest sharing any non-profit, volunteer, advisory or course work, no matter how big or small, to keep building your ongoing story. If you're taking leave for this chapter of your life, would you consider updating your professional profile to explicitly call out motherhood?  What do you think of this campaign? I'd love to hear.  xo


Featured Image via Jones New York