3 Beach Reads That Get Real About Marriage

I'm currently taking a break from the beach scene in Tel Aviv while Bodie naps.  These naps are even more precious on holiday because there are no meals to prep or strawberry stains to scrub from the floor.  Instead, I change out of my swimsuit into a robe, put on a face mask and read (yes, read!).  I'm flying through the most beautifully written and heart wrenching memoir - When Breath Becomes Air.  Once I've completed it, I've flagged the following few that were recommended in the May Issue of Redbook Mag, which suggests that these three authors finally offer some refreshing and realistic insights into marriage instead of the age-old advice that feels tired (i.e. "Don't go to bed angry").  

Ada Calhoun documents her own 12 year marriage in, Wedding Toasts I'll Never Give.  Her own marriage is promised to be a reminder to any of us that there is no perfect marriage but it can still be "perfectly good".

Jo Piazza traveled the world to collect truths about marriage to share with us in How To Be Married.  I love that she wrote it fresh off her admittedly tough first year with her husband.  

And the one that is next on the docket for me, Hourglass by Dani Shapiro, is another look at the author's marriage layered with the provocative and very relevant question of what we must continuously evolve about ourselves to coexist closely with our partners.  


Have you bookmarked anything for the summer?  Have you read anything particularly enlightening on this topic?  I'd love to hear in the comments! Hope you each had a gorgeous weekend xo

Source:  Redbook May 2017

Featured Image via Harper's Bazaar