A Mom's Edition of "Nevertheless, She Persisted"

   Artist Courtney Privett


Artist Courtney Privett

On the heels of the women's march and the Pussy hat movement, when Elizabeth Warren was silenced in front of the Senate, the sentence used to describe her by the far Right was quickly adopted as a rallying cry - "Nevertheless, she persisted".

We can so easily point to that grit, that impact and that willpower among feminist heroes - women of stature that operate in public spheres  - but an artist, author and mother of three, illustrated and interpreted the tagline for various subsets of women in the every day. Most recently, she dedicated a work to Mothers whose persistence and endurance often goes unheralded. The flurry of thought bubbles Courtney Privett uses in her illo above, scrapes the tip of the iceberg of judgments and opinions that women face in early motherhood, while being at our most vulnerable.  

Reading through the bubbles I,  like most of you, will recognize some.  But interestingly, for each criticism, Courtney includes the counter criticism, directed to our friends making the opposite choice. It's a reminder that no matter what choice you make - on breastfeeding, formula feeding, working, staying at home, etc., you will always find critics so all the more reason to do it your way. And all the more reason to be gentler and kinder to the women around us who are all doing the best we can for our families and ourselves.

Happy Monday everyone xo 

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Cover Image via Solly Baby