3 Mistakes I Make When Answering "What Do You Do?"

I met this gorgeous woman this weekend who is clearly a powerhouse in the creative industry and when she asked what I did, I had to take a minute.  In speaking with loads of other women and friends who have adjusted their careers when they became moms, the question, "What do you do?" seems to be a universal stumbling block.  It's that moment where suddenly every self-doubt about your path and projects can rear up.  Here were the three mistakes I made this time around:

1.  I led with what I used to do which automatically takes away from the now.  i.e. I used to run brand for company X and now I consult.

2. I didn't mention my most important project until the end. By the time we got to Mother Untitled, our respective kids needed us.  i.e. Oh actually, I have a website for women who.... Bodie, get down from that chair!

3.  I gave a bunch of reasons for my choice before I needed to. She didn't ask! I won't give you the word vomit for this one because it's cringe worthy no?

On good days when I really nail the question, I say something more like - I have a website for women and I consult on brand for start ups but I get to be mostly at home with my son.

What works about that response is: 

1. I lead with what I'm most passionate about in the present.  

2. I'm specific about what I do in the event something resonates with whoever I'm speaking to. Perhaps they are at a start up, interested in brand or a new mother. 

3.  I'm positive instead of apologetic about my choices - in my case, choosing to prioritize motherhood.  I say, "I get to be"... , because for me, it's a privilege and a choice to have this flexibility and be home with Bodie.

If you've changed up or paused your work, do you have trouble with this question or have you mastered your pitch?  Give it a go, what's your strongest answer? Would love to hear your thoughts on this one! xo


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