MU Picked · For Long Summer Days ·

Since launching at the beginning of the year, I heard from lots of you that the product universe for parents is incredible and vast and that you would enjoy our perspective on the things that let you keep your life balanced with kids.  

For Mother Untitled, balanced living in motherhood means making smart and safe choices for our kids, taking good care of ourselves and being able to enjoy the things we love - travel, home or the outdoors - as elegantly and easily as we can with little ones in tow. We'll never recommend anything that we don't use and love ourselves or for our families.  

With this new series, we have relaunched the site to call out different topics better and to include a Shop where we can organize all our picks.  Poke around and as always, don't hesitate to write in because it has been your thoughtful ideas and input that brought us to our second phase.  

Thanks for following along, xo

As for MU Picked, it felt appropriate to start with products for long summer days while the west coast takes on 100+ temperatures (hello climate change??) and while we on the East Coast are finally feeling confident putting away our stroller blankets.  I find I'm more relaxed enjoying activities outside this summer now that I know, after quite a bit of test and learn, which hat actually stays on, how to keep those little feet protected when the sand is scalding and most importantly to us which daily sunscreen safely blends in without that dusty white residue that you get with mineral sunscreens.  You can shop our picks for enjoying the season below or within the Picked section, which you can get to at the bottom of the homepage.  

 What would you add to this summer essentials list? Also, what do you think of the new "Picked" section on the site?