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One of my friends, who was one of the first to ask for the M.U. Picked section, is in her first week of motherhood.  Do you remember that first week as a mother?  Everyone experiences it so differently.  Post-labor recovery (which we've talked about here) is intense, breastfeeding can go a number of ways though very rarely as planned (which I've shared about before) and moods are inevitably up and down.  Bonding happens on your own terms, for some it's instant and for others it grows.  I was really lucky to have a baby nurse with us for those early weeks and I think the extra help and security blanket of confident care let me really enjoy that time and Bodie.  

One of the best things our nurse did to get our home prepared for Bodie was send an absolute must-haves list that was simple and minimal. Her list was such a reminder that while we had just spent a day test driving strollers and examining cribs or basinets, these little beings just need safe and gentle care for their bodies. Over time, I realized my own preferences and evolved the brands when I shared the basic list with friends.  Below are our favorite products (beyond the bottles, diapers, detergent, etc.) for those early days.  Also, you can find them in M.U. Picked, the part of the site which keeps all of our finds organized in one place. 


1. Monica & Andy Layette  Bodie also lived in this Ralph Lauren set and the pieces stood up to a lot of diaper explosions but were so soft and precious on him.

2. Miracle Swaddle I really considered the eskimo suit but this one helped keep Bodie secure and was easy for me to figure out in sleep fog.

3. Aden & Anais Twinkle Swaddles  These are gorgeous draped over you when you're breastfeeding or as an impromptu swaddle or sheet.

4. Mustela Bebe 2-in-1 Body Wash & Shampoo  I went through a few options but this took care of cradle cap and has the sweetest smell that will forever remind me of Bodie.

5. Keekaroo Peanut Changer  Trust me, this saves you loads of washing diaper changing pad sheets.

6. Weleda Calendula Baby Diaper Rash Cream  We love this whole line - we use Weleda Calendula Baby Oil and it keeps him clear of bumps or irritation.

7. Burt's Bees Burp Cloths They actually feel elegant as far as burp cloths go and are so gentle for wiping faces.

8. Water Wipes  For when you graduate from using just water on their behinds but aren't ready to put anything harsher there.

9. Puj Flyte Compact Baby Tub That first bath is scary, this is perfect for small spaces but also eases the baby (and you) into the bath.

What were the baby basics you loved for that first few months?  If you're expecting your second (or third) are there any products you're looking to switch out?  Add them in the comments!


Featured Image via Coffee For The Moon